Coronet Property manages a portfolio of properties in prime locations in the centre of Queenstown with a mix of office space, retail, hospitality and industrial premises.

At Coronet Property we take the view that if the tenants are happy and successful they will pay their rent and meet the conditions of their lease.

We currently handle almost 100 tenancies ranging from large shops leased to international tenants to 12 square metre offices to those just starting out in business.

We pride ourselves on high interaction with tenants and are often able to move them from one space to another within our portfolio to accommodate their needs or we can reconfigure their existing area to suit. We maintain our properties to the highest level with all of them being over 67% of the New Building Standard and therefore Low Risk in the case of an earthquake.  As a result of our management we have very few vacancies.

Coronet Property's directors have equity in all of the properties that we manage.